Template Demo

Welcome to the Buffalo Web Builder Demo Site!

Buffalo Web Builder is an advanced, online website building system. It allows you to easily create your website through a step-by-step "wizard", and is packed with colorful and stylish templates, page layouts, and menu styles.  You can even add a blog, photo galleries, contact forms, and more!

In just 20 minutes, you can have a simple website built.  To use this demo, login here with:

username: build
password: demo

There are 7 steps to build the web site - it is very simple and very easy to follow.  Your website will be saved under whatever project name you set during the building process.  You can use this project name to go back at a later time and edit the website.

NOTE: All demo websites are deleted after 15 days.

Ready to Purchase?

Our complete web building package costs just $20/month, and includes everything you need to start your own website: a free domain name registration, our Standard Hosting package (1GB of space and unlimited email accounts), plus our BuffaloWebBuilder web building tools. Order Now!

Online SiteBuilder Feature

Royalty free

Royalty free website templates without limitation to the websites after Purchase.

Screen Resolution

Fix at 800 width or stretch across the screen. Compatible with 800,1024 and higher screen solution.

Free and Free

Free icon, buttons, banner and more than 700 graphic in Image Library.

Extras Component

Photo album, Guest book, Online counter, Online flash editor and more...

Multi-lingual support

You can create the website in any languages (currently RTL langauge such as Arablic is not supported yet).

Customizable templates

If the default templates don't fit your need, you simply download the template, modify it and re-upload to the system.

What is Online SiteBuilder ?

Online SiteBuilder is an advanced website builder. Easily create the website through the step by step navigator from creating the project, add the
company name, web site title, upload logo, select the templates, tweak the template styles, choose the preferred navigator, create and manage page structure,
edit the page with WYSIWYG html editor, add extra component, preview and publish the website.

It is packed with colorful stylish templates, page layout and navigator styles.